May your moving experience be a pleasant one

At Bond Assist we are aware that moving can be a financially, physically and mentally challenging time. As well as coping with jobs, family and the daily routine of life, moving can present a daunting task at the best of times whether by choice or necessity.

At Bond Assist we understand the costs involved in moving can be far greater in reality than originally perceived and unfortunately they are mostly made up of immediate up-front costs that in most cases can’t be deferred.

Bond and rent are normally paid in advance prior to moving into a property and although there may be bond and advanced rent still owing to you from your previous property, these funds are not available to you until you have moved out, a condition report completed and a claim form lodged,

This process which can take several weeks and often places you in a position of not being able to utilise any funds that are invested in the property you are vacating until you have moved out, yet still having to provide a further bond and rent in advance for the new property you wish to move into.

In understanding these issues Bond Assist has purposely designed its services to offer assistance with the financial burden that up-front costs of moving can present.

Bond Assist makes available funds for up front bond and rent for the purpose of moving into the rental property. These funds are then re-paid back over an affordable period of time.  You may require pre-approval of funds before you start looking, so you know you have the bond and rent available when needed and not have the stress of trying to secure funds after the rental property has been approved.

Or you may just require transition funds for the period between paying the new bond and receiving the present bond back.

What ever the case may be Bond Assist is welcomes the opportunity to provide our services in assistance. By completing the on-line application Bond Assist can provide a simple and quick solution to your bond and rental requirements.

We work with you in establishing your requirements and how to best meet your needs always operating responsibly and with fair lending in front of mind. A large part of the assessment process is to ensure that our service is manageable and suitable for your situation.

We aim to make obtaining bond and rent as simple and straight forward as possible. We operate under the guidance of Consumer Credit Code, we are a registered credit provider with ASIC and also a registered member of the Financial Ombudsman Service

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with all your bond and rental needs, Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry or issue you may wish to discuss as our friendly staff are always pleased to help.

May your moving experience be a pleasant one.

Bond Assist

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